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The open kitchen reinvents itself with trends

Which layout to choose? Here are some tips, ideas and pictures of open kitchens to select the kitchen that suits you.The open kitchen continues to seduce a lot may people in the present time. It allows a friendly space where the cook can participate in the life of the house while preparing meals. The open kitchen becomes the new heart of the house and we do not hesitate to meet around the island for preparation and meals. Because it opens on the rest of the house, it is better to choose it and think about its layout. How to establish an open kitchen plan? What are the new trends? We tell you everything. In order to explore more options about the open house kitchens, you must always visit the official web sites.

How to create an open kitchen?

An open kitchen should be arranged so that the items you use most often must be within reach in the center of the kitchen, all around the center island. While devices used sporadically and episodically must be relegated to the ends of the room. In the same vein, storage spaces dedicated to the dishes are intended to be close to the dishwasher and sink.

The various things to keep in mind as not to commit any error

The living room should not be transformed into an annex of the kitchen, be careful not to let this room be invaded little by little by the electric robots and the kitchen utensils! Also avoid sharp visual breaks between open kitchen and living room linings. There must be a relative unity between the two pieces, whether in terms of colors or materials used.

Good equipments

The priority with an open kitchen is to install a powerful extractor hood above the stove, so as to properly manage the odors emitted during the preparation of meals. Otherwise, odors from cooking will tend to spread in the living room and all adjacent rooms not partitioned. Annoying when you receive guests at home!

The different types of open kitchens

Contrary to popular belief or our deepest dreams, the open kitchen does not necessarily require a large space. Depending on the configuration of your home, this is also the type of development preferred to have a functional kitchen and little imposing.

A kitchen opens to the dining room

The kitchen open to the dining room is all that warm in a house. It is also convenient to serve a meal without changing rooms. It is also a good idea to enlarge spaces and offer more conviviality to your interior.

A kitchen opens to the living room

Enjoy your family and cook at the same time, with the kitchen open to the living room it is possible. It is also the interest of this developmentcreate a space where sharing rhymes with practicality.

An open kitchen with bar

To create a separation between the dining room or the living room and the kitchen, the bar option is ideal. The bar as the kitchen island wants to be functional and gives character to the room. The companies sometimes choose to build a wall, just as convenient but less easy to move.