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How To Clean Your Windows In 7 Easy Steps

Are you tired of looking through those dirty windows? Then it is time to break out the cleaning supplies and get them dirt and streak free.  We spoke to Lighthouse Cleaning in Enterprise, AL and they gave us ‘the dirt’ onthe best way to get your windows clean step-by-step.

1. Choose the Right Day

One of the keys to getting your windows streak free is to choose the right kind of day. Pick a day when it is cloudy but dry. Your windows dry too fast when the sun is beating down on them. You need a few extra seconds to make sure they remain streak free.

2. Dust Removal First

Always take a few moments to wipe away the dust, dry dirt, spider webs, and leaves before you start cleaning the window. This helps keep your cleaning cloth and water clean and avoids making your windows a muddy mess. Don’t forget to clean the blinds and windowsills at the same time. You can use a microfiber cloth to get the blinds free of dust. Using a vacuum around the sills and on the blinds can remove the bulk of the dust before you start wiping.

3. Choose the Right Cleaner

If you want to get the cleanest windows possible, you need to use the right cleaning solution. You can choose to buy a premixed cleaning solution in a bottle or to mix with water, but a homemade solution works just as well. Mix the following ingredients together to make a powerful home cleanser:

•             Warm Water (About 2 gallons in a bucket)

•             1 teaspoon of dishwashing liquid (Dawn works great, don’t overdo it, or you will get streaks)

•             ¼ Cup Rubbing Alcohol (Aids in faster drying)

•             ¼ Cup Vinegar

4. Use the Right Tools

Avoid using a spray bottle and a rag. You will streak dirt across your windows and work twice as hard to get them clean. Buy an inexpensive window cleaning tool with a sponge on one side and a squeegee on the other. This allows you to clean the windows in a few swipes, then squeegee off the water and dirt fast.

5. Protect Your Indoor Floors

Make sure to put a towel on the floor under the window when cleaning inside. You are going to have a few drips.

6. Time to Work

Dip the window cleaner into the solution and quickly use the sponge to scrub the window. Flip the tool around and squeegee away the excess water and dirt. Keep a few paper towels or cloths handy to wipe away excess water. Check the windows for cleanliness and repeat if necessary.

7. Clean-up the Edges

When you are finished cleaning the glass, take a few seconds to wipe up the water on the windowsill, around the edges, and any other excess water. Wipe around the window frame to make sure you clean away all the water and dirt.

These 7 steps will help you keep your windows dirt and streak free year-round. Remember, never try to clean your windows on a hot sunny day, or a day when temperatures near freezing.

Are You Ready to Tackle a Home Improvement Project?

How do you know if tackling a home improvement project is right for you? How do you know if you have the skills that will be needed to accomplish the task ahead of you? How do you choose the right home improvement project?

There is no simple answer to the questions above. Most of the time, choosing a home improvement project is based on need. What needs to be done around your house? Once you have determined what needs to be done, ask yourself if you feel capable, and comfortable doing the task yourself. If you feel confident that you can complete the home improvement project yourself, then, by all means, attempt to do so. However, be truthful with yourself; do not try to convince yourself that you can do a task that you do not feel confident that you can.

Many people get in over their heads by trying projects that are simply too difficult or too time-consuming. Be realistic in your approach to determining how long a home improvement project will take. If you read or hear somewhere that a project will take one weekend to complete, plan on it taking three weekends to complete.

Ask yourself if saving money by doing the project yourself is worth it to you. You may save money, but it will cost you time and hard work to complete a project yourself.

How do you know if you are ready to tackle a home improvement project? You may never be ready if you don’t give it a try. Just pick a simple project, to begin with; maybe something like installing base molding in a small bedroom, or tiling a spare bathroom. Start small and aim for big projects in the future. By starting with small projects, you get a feel for your ability and what you are willing to try. You will also get a basic understanding of the project and then you simply need to scale it up if you decide to replace base molding in your entire house or tile your kitchen.

By starting small, mistakes can be easily corrected or sometimes ignored. I would not recommend installing tile in your entire kitchen as a way to learn how to install tile. You certainly don’t want mistakes in your kitchen, instead, learn how to install tile in the back bathroom.

Once you have completed a small home improvement project, you will be able to determine what you are capable of and what tasks you would be willing to try yourself. You may get the home improvement itch and take on everything yourself; you may decide that you lack some skills and would rather hire a professional to do the job. Without trying a home improvement project yourself, you will never know what you are capable of.

The Right Deals for the Perfect Door Repair for You

To eliminate the described problem it is worthwhile to install stiffeners along the entire perimeter. Their installation is carried out in several stages. At first, blanks are cut from the profile pipe. Their size corresponds to the distance between the opposite elements of the frame of the valves. In this case, both horizontal and vertical stiffeners should be installed.

  • After that, all created blanks are stacked on the canvas and aligned to the level and the corner. At this stage, they are welded to the frame.
  • At the last stage, the web is fastened on the installed edges. This allows you to increase the rigidity of the structure.

It is worth remembering that during long-term operation, loops can change their position and collapse, therefore, their condition must be constantly monitored in order to be replaced with new ones in time. The truest part of the Garage door repair Boca Raton stays right there.

When fixing and adjusting the door hinges in the garage with your own hands, you must consider the following nuances:

  • Welding seam formed during welding of the loop should be directed upwards.
  • Welding should be done with small tacks 2 times on each side.
  • All elements should be welded flush to the rectangular frame.

Before starting work it is necessary to create a small substrate under the bottom of the loops. Its length should be equal to half the fastener.Before the final welding of the door leaves, close them. To avoid sagging, install a stand under the middle of the canvas.

To do this, you can use a wooden bar

The gate should not be opened immediately after the gate is completed, as this may lead to skewing. In the heated state, the metal is more fragile and can be deformed under the action of the load. If this happens, all the work will have to be carried out again.

  • In some cases, when the gate is seized, it is sufficient to lubricate the roller mechanism. But sometimes the sash does not open due to the deformation of some elements of the structure. Often breaks shaft or spring lifting mechanism.

It should be noted that the additional strengthening of the gate should be done only if the walls of the garage are made of concrete. To strengthen the walls next to the gate, you can install a metal frame. It is created from metal corners and mesh. It can be installed during the creation of the building or after the completion of the gate.

If the loops are welded to sturdy metal rods, their sawing is much more complicated. To avoid hacking, it is also necessary to weld a wide strip of metal to one of the valves. This will not allow attackers to use the crowbar.

To reinforce the flaps, additional stiffening ribs are installed on them. In some cases it is necessary to replace the gate. It is worth remembering that after hacking the garage it is necessary to carry out urgent repair of the valves.

Car air conditioner has become very common even for low range cars

For a long time, air conditioning in our countryside has been a great standard, available only in “better” cars. But the times have changed and air conditioning is now the basic equipment of quite cheap cars. The cool air inside the car so much increased the comfort of travelling, but with the necessary tax, consisting of the need for service. Although many people do not realize this, air conditioning, like all other parts of the car, requires regular service. A minor drawback in this case is that, while for some tasks a skilled motorist can do well in his own home conditions, the air conditioning service   or the cooling circuit   is not feasible in this way. In order to know more about Air conditioning repairs Geelong, one can also seek help online.

Maintaining the air conditioning refrigeration circuit

Just when maintaining the air conditioning refrigeration circuit, we cannot do without a very special device designed specifically to fill the air conditioning units. Through the service ports, the mechanic connects to the car’s cooling circuit and starts by sucking off the old refrigerant in the gaseous state. Here, of course, it has to be ascertained how many refrigerants the circuit actually contained. The cooling circuit cannot be taken as a hermetically sealed system. Some automakers say that the loss of up to fifty grams of refrigerant per year is standard, so after sucking it is necessary to consider whether the amount of refrigerant corresponds to a normal drop or whether to start leakage.

After vacuuming the cooling medium, the leak proof test is carried out under vacuum

The air conditioning can then be replenished. First, new oil is injected as a replacement for a small amount of oil that has been withdrawn along with the refrigerant. Upon completion of the air conditioning, the service will perform a functional test and control of operating pressures. If everything is OK, the car can turn back on the road for approximately one year. This is the year in which the air conditioning system should be serviced.

Even more often, we can safely disinfect the air conditioning

This is not about mechanics, but above all the odour that creates bacteria and molds hidden in the air conditioning system. Especially for allergy sufferers, this is very important because it can mean the difference between pleasant travel and allergic hell. The basis of everything is pure cabin (or pollen) filter. Its replacement can be handled with ease by some cars and should be done at least once a year. Investing a few hundred crowns into the filter, through which all the air passes through the car, is quite worthwhile. The disinfection itself is then feasible in several ways. The easiest method is in different sprays that either spray the hose directly into the air or let them run in a closed car with the air conditioning on the indoor circuit.

The open kitchen reinvents itself with trends

Which layout to choose? Here are some tips, ideas and pictures of open kitchens to select the kitchen that suits you.The open kitchen continues to seduce a lot may people in the present time. It allows a friendly space where the cook can participate in the life of the house while preparing meals. The open kitchen becomes the new heart of the house and we do not hesitate to meet around the island for preparation and meals. Because it opens on the rest of the house, it is better to choose it and think about its layout. How to establish an open kitchen plan? What are the new trends? We tell you everything. In order to explore more options about the open house kitchens, you must always visit the official web sites.

How to create an open kitchen?

An open kitchen should be arranged so that the items you use most often must be within reach in the center of the kitchen, all around the center island. While devices used sporadically and episodically must be relegated to the ends of the room. In the same vein, storage spaces dedicated to the dishes are intended to be close to the dishwasher and sink.

The various things to keep in mind as not to commit any error

The living room should not be transformed into an annex of the kitchen, be careful not to let this room be invaded little by little by the electric robots and the kitchen utensils! Also avoid sharp visual breaks between open kitchen and living room linings. There must be a relative unity between the two pieces, whether in terms of colors or materials used.

Good equipments

The priority with an open kitchen is to install a powerful extractor hood above the stove, so as to properly manage the odors emitted during the preparation of meals. Otherwise, odors from cooking will tend to spread in the living room and all adjacent rooms not partitioned. Annoying when you receive guests at home!

The different types of open kitchens

Contrary to popular belief or our deepest dreams, the open kitchen does not necessarily require a large space. Depending on the configuration of your home, this is also the type of development preferred to have a functional kitchen and little imposing.

A kitchen opens to the dining room

The kitchen open to the dining room is all that warm in a house. It is also convenient to serve a meal without changing rooms. It is also a good idea to enlarge spaces and offer more conviviality to your interior.

A kitchen opens to the living room

Enjoy your family and cook at the same time, with the kitchen open to the living room it is possible. It is also the interest of this developmentcreate a space where sharing rhymes with practicality.

An open kitchen with bar

To create a separation between the dining room or the living room and the kitchen, the bar option is ideal. The bar as the kitchen island wants to be functional and gives character to the room. The companies sometimes choose to build a wall, just as convenient but less easy to move.